1994 Karate

Ending In 1994

Through the late 80’s and early 90’s I enjoyed membership of a number of martial arts clubs and experienced a few different styles although I never achieved my original goal of 2nd Dan I did manage some nice certificates that have long since been filed away.

The Styles I enjoyed, Judo, Goju, Goju Kai, Goju Ryu, Kyokushin Kai, Go Kan, Go Kan Ryu, Zen Do Kai, and a Zen Do Kai freestyle that included some Muay Thai, and Aikido as well, which at that time any freestyle was the beginnings of the now known MMA.

The achievement I am most proud is what was termed as “Blacktop” which was a stamina and confidence test in a sparring contest with 15 consecutive two minute rounds with the first 14 hard contact and the final round in full contact all this enabled me to become very “Zen” and always considered myself a student of Bushido, this is Japanese and means “way of the warrior” encompassing Zen Buddhism beliefs and almost to the extreme of Jainism but based on the original Japanese warrior of Okinawa where Samurai and Ninja trained hundreds of years ago.

In 1994 I had to call it quits as my health had diminished and I just could not make those high kicks anymore.

Some say one style is better than the other but any style of Martial Art improves one’s life to no end.

Bushido  “Jiseishin”

Jainism  “ahimsa”

Some of our assorted certificates

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