Primary school reunion

Wow here comes the inevitable invitation to the primary school reunion, I thought it might happen sooner or later, they have a Facebook page where lots of pictures and fond memories of this and that are posted.

Just can’t bring myself to write anything there, for me it was 4 years of horror, the constant bullying, the continuing search for somewhere to hide out for recess and lunch times so no-one would see me, for most of the boys at that school the main game was spot the redhead so we can push him over and punch him, my mother bless her soul had the biggest collection of cremes, salves, anti-septic and the like and was dressing my wounds almost every day.

The most memorable thing for me back then, was waking up around 7am and praying non stop that my mum would sleep in, and my hair would turn brown, I didn’t care if she missed work and we would go hungry, no pensions for army widows that lost their husbands from WW2 post traumatic stress back then, eventually it did turn brown.

Safe to say if I had actually heard of suicide or even knew what it meant, I definitely would have given that a go, one vivid memory is of a dozen kids dragging me across the oval kicking and punching me while the teacher on yard duty looked on, only when they had actually dragged me towards him did he break it up telling all to get to classes because the bell was about to sound, I stood in line battered and bleeding as my class teacher looked me up and down shook her head and told me to shut up get inside and sit down.

Most of the teachers supported the bullying, some even encouraged it.

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