Life is the fire in that we burn

Life is the fire in that we burn, this is my own adaption from an American poet Delmore Schwartz’s, Calmly We Walk through This April’s Day.

I’ll reprint my favourite part here:

Each minute bursts in the burning room, The great globe reels in the solar fire, Spinning the trivial and unique away. (How all […]

1994 Karate

Ending In 1994

Through the late 80’s and early 90’s I enjoyed membership of a number of martial arts clubs and experienced a few different styles although I never achieved my original goal of 2nd Dan I did manage some nice certificates that have long since been filed away.

The Styles I enjoyed, Judo, Goju, […]

1967 Race

At Primary School one of the first things I learnt was to run, having bright ginger hair, freckles and being the only redhead in a primary school of hundreds of kids I quickly worked out I needed to either learn how to fight or just run quicker and as I had no father, no brothers […]

1961 A can of cherries for dinner

I was around 4 or 5 when my mum and I found ourselves almost homeless sitting on a bench seat at a bus stop on Crittenden Road in Findon South Australia with nothing for dinner except a tin of preserved cherries that Mum had bought for us initially for dessert.


Sick Kidney Fog

Before her kidney transplant I would see Shirl at times sit and stare at the wall looking as though she was deep in thought.


Little White Lies

When I was young, my Mother could swim despite being scared of water after having a bad dream where she saw me drowning. Consequently, I grew up not learning to swim and terrified of deep water.


Glass Half Full

My old mate Burtram and I were standing next to my Ford XA Coupe that a drunk driver had crashed into while it was parked on the side of Peachy Rd, Elizabeth (who would have thought). I had spent a small fortune on this car; balanced blueprinted motor, 650 double pumper carbs, 4 speed top […]

My Nightmare

Signs of an abusive relationship:

a good place to start is your doctor


1975 At 110MPH everything can change in a moment

In 1975

It was a warm summer evening in 1975, during a weekend trip to the Riverland, my bike had a minor brake problem so to be safe, I doubled up with Robert Trussell one of the other riders in the group. We were traveling from Swan Reach to Waikerie, the sun had not long […]

1971 Escape

My best friend Gary Dean and I were having our usual fun annoying the security guards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, we would start by gaining access to the steam pipe tunnels under the buildings,


Soul Mates

I have found that communication is absolutely everything in a relationship.


Primary school re-union was all good

OK went to the primary school re-union met up with a few people and now I’m actually happy that I went, turned out quite good and the girl that had organized it did such a good job making it very interesting with some history on the school etc.


Primary school reunion

Wow here comes the inevitable invitation to the primary school reunion, I thought it might happen sooner or later, they have a Facebook page where lots of pictures and fond memories of this and that are posted.


My Mum Evelyn Jean Potter

I saw a quote on facebook tonight “The Man Who Treats His Wife Like A Princess, Is Proof That He Was Raised By A Queen!”.