Glass Half Full

My old mate Burtram and I were standing next to my Ford XA Coupe that a drunk driver had crashed into while it was parked on the side of Peachy Rd, Elizabeth (who would have thought).
I had spent a small fortune on this car; balanced blueprinted motor, 650 double pumper carbs, 4 speed top loader gearbox with diamond white paintwork that some days looked more blue than white.

We were surveying the damage where the drunk had bounced her car under my double axle trailer that was attached, then launched her car over the top of my coupe from back to front, destroying the whole right hand side and writing the car off.

Burtram, shaking his head, said to me, “Steve, you’re the most unlucky person I know”
I thought about that for a moment then disagreed, assuring him that I considered myself the luckiest person I know. He was stunned, “how do you figure that? Looks at this car! It’s a wreck!”

“Yes, but I wasn’t in it, I’m still walking,” I responded

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