My Mum Evelyn Jean Potter

I saw a quote on facebook tonight “The Man Who Treats His Wife Like A Princess, Is Proof That He Was Raised By A Queen!”.

I remember when I was very young in the mid 60’s, the hours Mum and I would spend lined up or sitting on the seats in the welfare offices in Grenfell Street waiting for a handout so she could buy food for us and I remember every time she would try the legacy office as well (welfare for dead soldiers wives) where she would be turned away sometimes with a vengeance being told “your husband didn’t die in the war so your not eligible”.

Now looking back I know what really killed him in the years after returning was stress from being at war, not that they would acknowledge that, but that was the commitment that my mum had, hours of queue after queue then catch the train from town walk to the supermarket, then home to cook a meal for me and my sister, I remember the relatives that helped as much as they could, and the ones that didn’t, but my mum taught us so much and certainly will always be remembered as the queen of my world.

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